# Contributing First of all, Pull Requests, suggestions or comments about Blaze are all welcome and valued. To start contributing follow these steps: ## Step 1 **Fork the repo!** ## Step 2 Write some code... ## Step 3 **Submit your Pull Request to our DEV branch** so that we can review the code before merging into master. ## Sit back At some point your changes will get merged in and we'll publish a new version! Yay! --- #### Code Conduct We're all friends! Please try and adhere to our simple rules **Be friendly and patient**. **Be welcoming**: We strive to be a community that welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds and identities. This includes, but is not limited to members of any race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, colour, immigration status, social and economic class, educational level, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, size, family status, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability. **Be considerate**: Your work will be used by other people, and you in turn will depend on the work of others. Any decision you take will affect users and colleagues, and you should take those consequences into account when making decisions. Remember that we’re a world-wide community, so you might not be communicating in someone else’s primary language. **Be respectful**: Not all of us will agree all the time, but disagreement is no excuse for poor behavior and poor manners. We might all experience some frustration now and then, but we cannot allow that frustration to turn into a personal attack. It’s important to remember that a community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one. **Be careful in the words that we choose**: we are a community of professionals, and we conduct ourselves professionally. Be kind to others. Do not insult or put down other participants. Harassment and other exclusionary behavior aren’t acceptable. **Try to understand why we disagree**: Disagreements, both social and technical, happen all the time. It is important that we resolve disagreements and differing views constructively. Remember that we’re different. The strength of our community comes from its diversity, people from a wide range of backgrounds. Different people have different perspectives on issues. Being unable to understand why someone holds a viewpoint doesn’t mean that they’re wrong. Don’t forget that it is human to err and blaming each other doesn’t get us anywhere. Instead, focus on helping to resolve issues and learning from mistakes.