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## Preamble This is a [fork]( of [Artemis Entity System Framework]( ## Discussion/Forum There's a google group at!forum/artemis-odb - in addition to the issues, where hitherto much of the discussion has taken place. The original artemis forum is still around too, though it doesn't see much traffic, nor is it specific to artemis-odb: ## What's changed _For more detailed changes, see []( - Full GWT support. - New component types: [packed]( and pooled, leveraged by bytecode injection. - Better performance, more GC-friendly, less boilerplate. - Generate [Component Dependency Matrices]( from existing classes. [![Shaman's Weirding Game: Component Dependency Matrix](]( ### Module overview #### Required - **artemis:** Base library. #### Optional - **artemis-maven:** Maven plugin for transforming `@PooledWeaver` and `@PackedWeaver` components. #### Other - **artemis-weaver:** Transforms `com.artemis.Component` classes when annotated with `@PooledWeaver` or `@PackedWeaver`, see _artemis-maven_. - **artemis-test:** Compliance tests. ## Maven ### Embracing Artemis ```xml <properties> <artemis.version>0.6.2</artemis.version> </properties> <dependencies> <!-- base library --> <dependency> <groupId>net.onedaybeard.artemis</groupId> <artifactId>artemis-odb</artifactId> <version>${artemis.version}</version> </dependency> </dependencies> <build> <plugins> <plugin> <groupId>net.onedaybeard.artemis</groupId> <artifactId>artemis-odb-maven-plugin</artifactId> <version>${artemis.version}</version> <executions> <execution> <goals> <!-- enables @PooledWeaver and @PackedWeaver --> <goal>artemis</goal> <!-- generates the component dependency matrix report --> <goal>matrix</goal> </goals> </execution> </executions> </plugin> </plugins> </build> ``` ### Minimal (no weaving/compile-time transformations) ```xml <dependency> <groupId>net.onedaybeard.artemis</groupId> <artifactId>artemis-odb</artifactId> <version>0.6.2</version> </dependency> ``` ## Direct Download Jars can be downloaded manually from the maven repository: ## Agrotera: Anti-boilerplate lib for Artemis [Agrotera]( uses annotations to configure EntitySystems, removing the need for defining Aspects inside constructors and takes care of injecting ComponentMappers, Managers and EntitySystems. Can also simulate aspects for Managers and inject profiling calls. ## Games using this library ### Open source | game | source/binaries | [matrix][cdm] | author | |-------------------------------|--------------------------------------|-------------------|--------------------------------| | [Sine][sine] | [source][sine-src] | [cdm][sine-cdm] | [@timtipgames][sine-auth] | | [Ned et les Maki][ned] | [source][ned-src] | N/A | [Geeky Gobling Prod][ned-auth] | | [Naturally Selected 2D][ns2d] | [source][ns2d-src] [play][ns2d-play] | [cdm][ns2d-cdm] | [@DaanVanYperen][dvy] | | [The Underkeep][tu] | [source][tu-src] [play][tu-play] | [cdm][tu-cdm] | [@DaanVanYperen][dvy] | | Spaceship Warrior Redux | [source][sw-src] [play][sw-play] | [cdm][sw-cdm] | updated by [@Flet][flet] | [cdm]: [sine]: [sine-src]: [sine-cdm]: [sine-auth]: [ned]: [ned-src]: [ned-auth]: [ns2d]: [ns2d-src]: [ns2d-play]: [ns2d-cdm]: [tu]: [tu-src]: [tu-play]: [tu-cdm]: [dvy]: [sw-src]: [sw-play]: [sw-cdm]: [flet]: