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# Chatter Bot API A Mono/.NET, JAVA, Python and PHP chatter bot API that supports [Cleverbot](, [JabberWacky]( and [Pandorabots]( For a Ruby version, have a look at [Gabriele Cirulli cleverbot-api implementation]( If you are planing using the .NET version, maybe [this fork by Schumix]( is worth looking at. ## News **2015-09-21**: Thanks to [S.R](, the python version is now also compatible with python 3. **2014-10-17**: Merged a bunch of nicely arranged pull requests sent by [Csaba Jakosa]( Those include works done by [Christian Gärtner]( (for the PHP version), and [Arnaud Aliès]( (for the Python version). **2014-10-11**: Moved to GitHub! **2014-08-04**: The Java version is now on The Maven Central Repository. This is a request I get from time to time. I was too lazy to do it until now. But this time a user was kind enough, so I kick myself and did it (thanks Hardik!). [Just add this dependency to your pom file](#maven). **2014-03-31**: Cleverbot seems to stops working from time to time. You should expect it to be really unstable until I find a fix. **2014-02-02**: Cleverbot stops working. Thanks to Matthew to let me know. **2013-11-15**: Cleverbot stops working, they changed their API again. I am working on this. **2013-08-29**: There is a bug with Cleverbot in any language right now. I will fix it as soon as possible. A bug with Cleverbot is now fixed in the new 1.3 revision release. Enjoy! (Kevin, Alienmario, Rai: Thanks to you guys for letting me know) ## Download I encourage you to download a compiled version of the library (*TBA*), and try the example below in this page. I tried to keep all the libraries free from dependencies, so you do not need to download anything else. Be sure to always use the latest version of the library, as the Cleverbot/JabberWacky Web Service is changing over time. I suppose it is not meant to be public. ### Maven Just add this dependency to your pom file: ```xml <dependency> <groupId>ca.pjer</groupId> <artifactId>chatter-bot-api</artifactId> <version>1.3.3</version> </dependency> ``` ## Going further If you like what you see, browse and comment the source code. If you found a bug or something missing, consult the [Issues section]( before posting a new defect or a new enhancement. Also I will gladly accept [Pull Requests]( ## Disclaimer I am not the owner of Cleverbot/JabberWacky nor Pandorabots. My work (the Cleverbot/JabberWacky part) is based on [pycleverbot](, a Python bindings for the Cleverbot. ## Contact You can also let [me]( know what you think. ## Examples ### Mono/.NET C# ```csharp using System; using ChatterBotAPI; namespace ChatterBotAPITest { class MainClass { public static void Main(string[] args) { ChatterBotFactory factory = new ChatterBotFactory(); ChatterBot bot1 = factory.Create(ChatterBotType.CLEVERBOT); ChatterBotSession bot1session = bot1.CreateSession(); ChatterBot bot2 = factory.Create(ChatterBotType.PANDORABOTS, "b0dafd24ee35a477"); ChatterBotSession bot2session = bot2.CreateSession(); string s = "Hi"; while (true) { Console.WriteLine("bot1> " + s); s = bot2session.Think(s); Console.WriteLine("bot2> " + s); s = bot1session.Think(s); } } } } ``` ### Mono/.NET VB ```vbnet Imports ChatterBotAPI Public Class Application Public Shared Sub Main() Dim factory As ChatterBotFactory = new ChatterBotFactory() Dim bot1 As ChatterBot = factory.Create(ChatterBotType.CLEVERBOT) Dim bot1session As ChatterBotSession = bot1.CreateSession() Dim bot2 As ChatterBot = factory.Create(ChatterBotType.PANDORABOTS, "b0dafd24ee35a477") Dim bot2session As ChatterBotSession = bot2.CreateSession() Dim s As String = "Hi" Do While true Console.WriteLine("bot1> " + s) s = bot2session.Think(s) Console.WriteLine("bot2> " + s) s = bot1session.Think(s) Loop End Sub End Class ``` ### JAVA ```java package; import*; public class ChatterBotApiTest { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { ChatterBotFactory factory = new ChatterBotFactory(); ChatterBot bot1 = factory.create(ChatterBotType.CLEVERBOT); ChatterBotSession bot1session = bot1.createSession(); ChatterBot bot2 = factory.create(ChatterBotType.PANDORABOTS, "b0dafd24ee35a477"); ChatterBotSession bot2session = bot2.createSession(); String s = "Hi"; while (true) { System.out.println("bot1> " + s); s = bot2session.think(s); System.out.println("bot2> " + s); s = bot1session.think(s); } } } ``` ### Python ```python from chatterbotapi import ChatterBotFactory, ChatterBotType factory = ChatterBotFactory() bot1 = factory.create(ChatterBotType.CLEVERBOT) bot1session = bot1.create_session() bot2 = factory.create(ChatterBotType.PANDORABOTS, 'b0dafd24ee35a477') bot2session = bot2.create_session() s = 'Hi' while (1): print 'bot1> ' + s s = bot2session.think(s); print 'bot2> ' + s s = bot1session.think(s); ``` ### PHP ```php <?php require 'chatterbotapi.php'; $factory = new ChatterBotFactory(); $bot1 = $factory->create(ChatterBotType::CLEVERBOT); $bot1session = $bot1->createSession(); $bot2 = $factory->create(ChatterBotType::PANDORABOTS, 'b0dafd24ee35a477'); $bot2session = $bot2->createSession(); $s = 'Hi'; while (1) { echo "bot1> $s\n"; $s = $bot2session->think($s); echo "bot2> $s\n"; $s = $bot1session->think($s); } ?> ```