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------------------------- NEWTON ADVENTURE EDITOR ------------------------- This software is a level editor for Newton Adventure, based on TILED MAP EDITOR 0.7.2, a general purpose tiled map editor. Website: Tiled website: ----------------- CURRENT FEATURES ----------------- - Multilayer, layers can be changed around dynamically - Multiple orientations (orthographic and isometric at the moment) - Objects can be placed anywhere on the map - Arbitrary custom properties can be set on the maps, layers, objects and tiles - Tiles can be taller than the default tile height - Easy to use drawing operations - Universal XML-based map and tileset file formats - Can embed tiles in the map or tileset file - Highly portable and free software - Maps may include tiles from multiple tilesets - Ability to write custom Map reader/writer plugins --------- AUTHORS --------- - Adam Turk <> - Bjorn Lindeijer <> - devnewton <> ----------- TRANSLATORS ----------- - Nader Akhres (French) - Bjorn Lindeijer (Dutch) - ElvenProgrammer (Italian) - Matthias Hartmann (German) - Alexandra Puente (Spanish) ----------- THANKS TO ----------- (In no particular order) - Frode Lindeijer for the design of the logo - Eean Cook for various contributions - Andreas Mross for Hexagonal map implementation - Ahmed Mohombe for many good suggestions and notes on implementation - Rickard Isaksson for an improved image loader - Kevin Kelley for the base64 encoder/decoder we use - GNOME and GIMP for their magnificent icons - Nephilim for suggesting layer opacity - Rainer Deyke for useful suggestions and many code contributions - Jerome Blouin for some meticulous performance testing - Hendrik Brummermann for improving error reporting on map loading - Nader Akhres for the JSON map writer plugin - William C. Bubel for the Lua map writer plugin - Matthias Kievernagel for a nice HexMapView - Olivier Beaton for the DTD and Schema files describing the TMX format