Main developer and maintainer:

Thorbjørn Lindeijer <>


Andrew G. Crowell (added additional ways to access layer related actions)
Christian Henz    (added handling of non-encoded map data)
Dennis Honeyman   (implemented the nice about dialog and CSV layer support)
Edward Hutchins   (added automatic reloading of changed tileset images)
Jeff Bland        (added Offset Map feature, fill tool and running commands)
Michael Woerister (improvements to the object properties dialog)
Roderic Morris    (added many icons and initial object group support)
Stefan Beller     (added the automap feature, quick stamps, lines/circles
                   support for multiple maps, random mode for stamp tool and
                   bucketfill tool)
Alexander Kuhrt <>


Alexander Komarnitsky    (Russian)
Antonio Ricci            (Italian)
Gornova                  (Italian)
Bin Wu                   (Chinese)
Hiroki Utsunomiya        (Japanese)
Mauricio Muñoz Lucero    (Spanish)
Petr Viktorin            (Czech)
Porfírio Ribeiro         (Portuguese)
Jānis Kiršteins          (Latvian)
Jonatas de Moraes Junior (Brazilian Portuguese)
jurkan                   (German)
seeseekey                (German)
Tamir Atias (KonoM)      (Hebrew)
Thorbjørn Lindeijer      (Dutch)
Yohann Ferreira          (French)
Zhao Sting               (Chinese)


Most of the icons are from the GNOME and GIMP icon themes (GPL)

Some Icons are Copyright (C) Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved.
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

The dice icon is based on an SVG by Steaphan Greene that I found on Wikipedia:

The rename icon for tilesets is a strong modified version of the
'new Tileset' icon by Stefan Beller (GPL, CC-BY-SA3)


perspective_walls.png - (C) Clint Bellanger, released as Public Domain
isometric_grass_and_water.png - (C) Clint Bellanger, released as GPL2, GPL3, CC-BY-SA3
tmw_desert_spacing.png - (C) The Mana World Development Team, GPL
sewer_tileset.png - (C) Blues Brothers RPG developers, GPL
Replica Island - (C) Chris Pruett and Genki Mine, Apache (except hotspots.png)