0.4.0 (30 January 2010)
* Added support for isometric maps
* Added automatic reloading of tileset images when they change
* Added Offset Map action that can shift a set of layers by a certain amount
* Added a fill tool
* Added ability to duplicate map objects
* Added support for choosing the tile layer data format used when saving
* Added mouse wheel zooming support to the tileset view
* Added an object display color attribute to object groups
* Added ability to edit tile properties through a context menu
* Made writing out a DTD reference optional and disabled it by default
* Made translations functional
* Updated Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and German translations

0.3.1 (22 November 2009)
* Enabled undo command compression for stamp brush and eraser
* Fixed reading of maps with non-binary-encoded layer data
* Fixed a compile issue on Mac OS X related to QXmlStreamWriter
* Fixed a crash when loading a map while holding Ctrl
* Confirm overwrite on the right moment for 'Save as Image' dialog

0.3.0 (13 November 2009)
* Added a tile selection tool
* Added support for cut, copy and paste
* Added current cursor position to the status bar
* Added keyboard shortcuts to switch tools
* Added scrolling the map view with middle mouse button
* Snap objects to the grid when Ctrl is pressed

0.2.0 (1 October 2009)
* Added support for zooming the map view
* Added an eraser tool that allows you to erase tiles
* Added ability to save a map as an image
* Added support for masking tileset images based on a certain color
* Added a slider to change the opacity of the current layer
* Fixed the minimum row and column size in the tileset view
* Fixed stamp creation when not dragging topleft to bottomright

0.1.0 (1 September 2009)