KISS tribune powered by java, spring boot and mongodb.

Simple gui toolkit for lwjgl or playn videogames.

Tiled tmx map parser using jpurexml.

A special version of MUCkl webchat with tribune features.

Nanim is a protobuf based 2D animation file format optimized for games. This project provides GUI and command line tools to create and edit nanim files.

Ned et les maki is an opensource puzzle game with isometric 3d graphics inspired by Sokoban.

Newton adventure is an open source 2D platform game. You play Newton, a very special hero who has the power to change gravity direction. It runs on every Linux, Windows, Mac OS X or any OS with Java and OpenGL support.

Da best mouling agent ever!

passgrid is a KISS password grid generator and manager powered by java, spring boot and mongodb.

Passgrid is a web application to generate password grids.

Basic preums/deurns b3 analyser

A django application to store and show game highscores.

Shmuprpg is a game mixing action rpg and shoot them up gameplays.

A command line tool that take multiple tiled maps and merge their tilesets.

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