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# jb3 jb3 is a KISS tribune powered by java, spring boot and mongodb. ## Features - archives - fortunes - bots - last id - XPost - X-Post-Id - rooms # Demo A live demo is accessible [here]( ## Coincoin configuration You can also configure your favorite coincoin using these parameters: - backend URL: - post URL: - post data: message=%m - tags: encoded ## Advanced coincoin configuration - backend using last id: - post returns backend: post request to include backend data (same as GET response). - post message using last id: message=%m&last=%last - XPOST: post reply body contains last messages - X-Post-Id: post reply returns posted message id in X-Post-Id header ## Rooms Rooms are like IRC channel. From a coincoin, they can be seen as independent tribune. - room backend : - post message in a room: message=%m&room=%room ## Gateway rooms Gateway are used to receive and post on external tribunes or other chat systems. Implemented gateways: - batavie - dlfp - euromussels - moules - sveetch # Build and run demo using [docker]( Run the following commands: docker build --tag=jb3 docker run -p 8080:8080 jb3 Then access to the jb3 application using a web browser on http://localhost:8080 # How to use ## Skill check Please note that a thorough knowledge of Java web application development and hosting is required. ## Requirements - JDK 8+ - Maven 3+ - mongodb 2+ ## Build mvn package ## Run locally Ensure that mongodb is running and listening on then run: java -jar target/jb3-*.jar The frontend is now accessible on [locahost:8080](http://localhost:8080). ## Deploy and hosting on a production server There is several options to deploy and host jb3. Here is one that requires: - a domain name (example: - a web server with http proxy capabilities (example [ngix]( ### Application configuration Please change the in file. ### Deployment 1. Build and launch jb3 on the server. 2. Configure your web server to act as reverse proxy on http://localhost:8080