0.7.2 - November 30th, 2008

* Added support for associating an image with a map object
* Fixed not being able to move an object group
* Fixed unable to select small map objects
* Fixed references to external tilesets that are not in the same directory
* Fixed some files missing from tiled-core.jar
* Updated The Mana World plugin to detect the collision layer correctly
* Updated minimum Java version to 1.5

0.7.1 - September 2nd, 2008

* Added support for a margin around a tileset image
* Improved the tileset manager and allow tileset reorganizing (by Jared Adams)
* Fixed automatically adding extension to tileset Save As... dialog
* Fixed saving/loading of layers with an origin other than 0,0
* Fixed map resize to apply the offset to layers not matching the map bounds
* Fixed loading of object group properties
* Fixed duplicates of object groups to not share the objects
* Fixed Lua export to increase firstgid of tilesets properly (by Jelle Geerts)
* Fixed saving of property values that contain quotes
* Fixed the state of menu actions when starting up without a map

0.7.0 - July 19th, 2008

* Added support for arbitrary objects and zones placement (by ElvenProgrammer)
* Added ability to create stamp brushes from the tile palette
* Added import/export of configuration
* Added option to automatically open the last map on startup (by Pedro Miller)
* Added option to include comments in .tmx map files when saving
* Added refresh tilesets action (by Pedro Miller)
* Added remembering of the main window size
* Added saving of DOCTYPE declaration in .tmx files
* Added live brush preview for the stamp brush
* Updated the DTD and added it to the website (by Olivier Beaton)
* Reanabled the hexagonal map view (by Matthias Kievernagel)
* Tiles and layers panels are now both floatable and dockable
* Report out of memory error when saving map as image
* Properties table now displays the properties in alphabetical order
* Properties are now saved in the .tmx format in alphabetical order
* Multiline properties are now saved as character data instead of as attribute
* Fixed properties dialog to also save values that were still being edited
* Fixed automatically adding the file extension when not given
* Fixed save as image to work with more formats and to confirm overwrite
* Worked around an issue with the open file dialog on GNU classpath
* Worked around an issue with setting a null cursor on GNU classpath

0.6.1 - July 15th, 2006

* Fixed creation of one-tile gaps between tilesets on saving (Christian Henz)
* Fixed failing to default to map format by extention when plugins are loaded
* Fixed active marquee not being reset on loading a map
* Fixed layer duplicates to not share layer properties with the original
* Fixed width of tile button changing between selecting a tile and no tile
* Fixed the add-tile button being disabled in the case of empty tilesets

0.6.0 - June 23rd, 2006

* Added internationalization, with translations to Dutch, German, Italian,
  French and Spanish
* Added stamp function for pencil: right-click, drag now creates a stamp
  for easy copying
* Added more error-checking to XMLMapTransformer, the default map reader
* Added global properties for tilesets (properties set for all tiles)
* Added the ability to merge tile images when layers are merged
* Added more useful visual feedback for some brushes
* Added remembering of main window state as suggested by Dennis Spreen
* Added remembering of size and divider position to tile palette dialog
* Added memory usage display and a garbage collect button to the about dialog
* Added JSON exporter plugin by Nader Akhres
* Improved memory usage and speed in several areas
* Fixed new tileset dialog so that it is now possible to change the tile height
  to something other than the tile height used by the map
* Fixed a bug when exporting a tileset with an external image
* Fixed two cases of hanging when using the fill tool
* Fixed tile palette bug of not accounting for gaps in tile ids
* Fixed tile palette bug of displaying multiple tilesets over eachother
* Fixed bug of adding a new tile even if cancelling out of new tile dialog
* Fixed NullPointerException when saving a map with no extension
* Fixed the zooming so that it keeps the center in place
* Fixed exiting even when a request to save the changes failed
* Fixed layer merging so that undo/redo of operation is functional
* Fixed resetting of selected tileset in tile palette on layer rearrangements
* Fixed saving of tile properties when using a tileset image
* Fixed loading of invisible layers
* Fixed saving of tile spacing property for tileset images
* Fixed configuring, saving and loading of maps using embedded images
* Rewrote configuration based on the Preferences class, no more tiled.conf
* Cleaned up TileSet (removed checksumming and rotation/orientation code)
* Removed experimental hexagonal mapview from new map dialog
* Removed option to not automatically create tiles from a tileset image
* Changed map format to store properties within a single "properties" element

0.5.1 - June 15th, 2005

* Added a checkerboard background to tileset palette
* Added support for layer locking (not editable when locked)
* Added support for tmx.gz map files
* Added selection addition and substraction via Shift and Ctrl respectively
* Improved the drawing speed thanks to some thorough testing and suggestions
  (Jerome Blouin)
* Improved transformation so that it respects selections
* Fixed the "Save As Image" feature to use current zoom level
* Fixed drawing on invisible layers
* Fixed selection rectangle to include one more tile
* Fixed loading of plugins that only do export and no import
* Fixed removing tilesets in the Tileset Manager
* Fixed image loading to ensure hardware acceleration is used in Java 1.4 and
  above (Jerome Blouin)
* Fixed a NullPointerException when loading TSX files as imported tilesets
* Fixed an "Unsupported protocol" error when loading TMX files which referenced
  an external tileset under certain conditions
* Fixed a ClassCastException when loading GIFs as tilesets

0.5.0 - December 14th, 2004

* Added width and height attributes to layer element
* Added layer properties, analoguous to tile and map properties
* Added a version attribute to the map tag
* Added a basedir attribute to the tileset tag (suggested by Radomir
* Added support for shared images (merged in Rainer Deyke's shared images code)
* Added support for masked tileset images
* Added support for highlighting tile under cursor
* Added support for creating an image snapshot of the map
* Added additional zoom levels (by Marc Ilgen)
* Added background color option (by Marc Ilgen)
* Added option to show coordinates on each tile (suggested by Ahmed Mohombe)
* Added an option whether to automatically create tiles from tileset images
  upon import or not.
* Added support for reading TMX/TSX files from URLs
* Added the RandomBrush for doing 'spray-paint' painting (suggested
  by Rainer Deyke)
* Added the brush dialog, and support for a wide range of brush operations
  (Nephilim, Rainer Deyke, et al.)
* Added a message framework for reporting load/save problems to the user
* Improved GUI in several places
* Improved TMX loading, it is now much more forgiving
* Optimized rendering of isometric maps
* Completed the Search/Replace dialog
* Changed the MultisetListRenderer to show tiles actual-size when selected
* Generalized the dialogs for properties and added delete capabilities.
* Fixed determining the relative path to tileset images
* Fixed some old things in the DTD (suggested by Radomir Dopieralski)
* Fixed drawing artifacts in selections
* Fixed Copy, Cut, and Paste menu options to be disabled when no map is loaded
* Fixed cancelling Save As operation still saving the map
* Fixed inverting selections

0.4.2 - October 14th, 2004

* Added a JNLP for WebStart, contributed by Chris Hazen
* Added a simple plugin for the Mappy FMAP format maps
* Added a plugin dialog for information about plugins
* Added plugin target for building bundled plugins
* Removed API usage deprecated by Java 5.0
* Fixed a NullPointerException when loading plugins
* Fixed layer naming on undo

0.4.1 - September 24th, 2004

* Added search/replace functionality
* Added tooltips to buttons
* Added map save/load plugin support
* Added marquee selections
* Added HexMapView, contributed by Andreas Mross (experimental)
* Removed name and version attributes from map, custom properties suffice there
* Removed name attribute from tile for same reason
* More intelligent starting locations for file choosers
* Grid display is now configurable (opacity, antialiasing)
* Fixes to tileset editing dialog
* Fixed config file saving to stop adding newlines to the config file
* Fixed window close button to behave the same as File->Exit
* Fixed undo/redo for moving layers
* Fixed moving a duplicated layer to no longer move original too

0.4.0 - August 4th, 2004

* TiledConfiguration defaults to preset values initially, Tiled should now
  work fine if there is no initial configuration file
* Layer rotation and flipping
* Map resizing (warning: cannot be undone yet)
* Custom properties on tiles and map
* A file filter on loading and saving for .tmx and .tsx
* Several UI improvements (usage of JSplitPane and JSpinner for example)
* Small changes to the map format (updated DTD)
* Implemented a better underlying architecture for Maps and Brushes
* Fixed several null pointer exceptions
* An Ant build target for tiled-core.jar, for use in Java engines
* Support for other than 2:1 isometric tile ratios (2:1 and 1:1 tested)
* Fixed redo for painting operations (paint, fill, erase)
* Improved undo/redo of layer organisation changes

0.3.1 - June 17th, 2004

* Tile palette dialog remembers size and position and doesn't close when a tile
  is selected
* Saving unencoded layers is possible through config options
* The right mouse button now functions as eye dropper/tile grabber
* Added "Preferences..." option under "Edit" menu
* First tile of tileset is selected when map is loaded
* Added toolbar buttons to zoom in and out
* Removed select button and print menuitem, will come back when functional

0.3.0 - June 15th, 2004

* All the features and polish required to release the Mechanae map editor as
  a more general Tiled map editor, including:
* Support for isometric maps
* Zooming in
* Support for multiple tilesets
* Support for external tilesets
* Support for tileset bitmaps
* A lot of stability and user interface enhancements
* Shortcuts on menu items
* New, XML-based, universal tiled map and tileset file formats (tmx, tsx)
* Merging, cloning, deleting and rearranging of layers
* Translating layers
* Layer opacity
* Undo/redo draw operations
* Configuration file